No one knows your business better than you, so I'll listen to you, learn your needs and your vision. Open an effective communication and together will promote your business above and beyond.

Together, we'll look at your customers, products, competitors and your business's sales cycle.


Knowledge is power, so we will work together to make informed decisions based on market research and analysis of the needs of the ideal customers. You will know where you stand and what is the next step.

We will refresh your business plan and build a marketing plan based on what we have learned.


I have an amazing ability to build relationships, and In-depth acquaintance with people from the academia and the industry worlds.

I will use my contacts and abilities to conduct an Intensive market research in order to obtain your next opportunity and help you find the synergy between your business and others.


I will give you a variety of solutions from which you can choose the solution that is consistent with your vision.

The possibilities are numerous from refinement training for your salespeople, entering a new market, developing a product that complements your existing products portfolio or finding a collaboration, the sky is the limit.

The Work Process


Aviram is a superb professional, we use his marketing and business development services and are happy to work with him.

Aviram has shown diligence and impressive ability to cope with challenges, in combination with an excellent human relations, service awareness and understanding of business needs, aviram manages to be a deal maker.

Customer Testimonials


It's a pleasure, thanks for dropping by
My name is Aviram Amit, a real technology enthusiast who lives in a happy chaos with my wife and three kids in the center of Israel.
Finished my degree as a chemical and biotechnology engineer with a MBA degree, In the past 20 years I have experienced life sciences in Israel at the forefront of technology, I was part of the "Copaxone" team at "TEVA" participated in R&D projects and met dozens of researchers in the academic laboratories.
Israel is the Start-Up nation!!! In Agrotech, Biotech and Cleantech, there are amazing companies here, and I am fortunate to witness it firsthand.
Since I remember myself, I connected people. my friends called me the matchmaker and there are a few weddings to prove that. On the business level, I have always aspired to find the synergy and the up-side in every situation and this feature has always been very helpful to me and now helps my clients.
Running a business is time-consuming and often you do not have enough of it to find and obtain the opportunities that exist out there, I play the role of the necessary business developer in my client's business, as an outsider who has the connections and abilities to take the business to the next level, I will find the right opportunity and help you to achieve your vision.


So, let's meet, the coffee is on me...

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No matter whether you are a one-man business or a business of hundreds of people
I will work with you to bring growth to your business at reasonable costs while thinking originally and creatively